Hello World!


It is true, I am just another countless soul filling the web with my most personal, unguarded feeling and thoughts. I have no way of knowing who will read this, if anyone at all. I have no purpose for this blog – no grand schemes to sway you politically, or educate you on the value of education or push some useless product in your face. Alas, no, my intentions are derived from mere selfishness and ego. I have a need to express myself and since the written journal has become virtually obsolete with the advancement of our virtual world, I decided to take the plunge and go high-tech.Plus lets not kid anybody here, we all hope that some brilliant, notable person will stumble upon our lowly blog and I’ll personally live out a Rags-to-Riches story, that I truly never thought could happen to me in a million years which is what I’ll tell Oprah when I make my first appearance after my once-in-a-lifetime, chance discovery!

What name can you identify to this countless soul, you ask? Melissa. I am Melissa Ann Marie Farley. I prefer to go by Mel. I’ve always liked the ambiguity behind it, the mystery. Is Mel a boy or a girl, a tomboy or someone fascinated with Mel Gibson? Who is this mysterious Mel, you now ask? I am the kind of person that stresses over anything and everything a human can stress over. For example, my heart beat faster and I grew inexplicably annoyed with myself that I could not come up with some brilliant, ultimately unique and clever title for my blog. I loathed the generic “Hello World!” beaming in my face from the computer screen. It was like I was being challenged, taunted with it by my little LapMonster (my laptop) but I couldn’t think of anything better. In fact, I still can’t, hence the reason the grotesquely annoying title still remains. Then I began to stress about what to write about in my first blog entry. It should be socially poignant yet relatable. I should use impressive vocabulary as I will be submitting this as part of a portfolio to my Master’s Program and I can’t be caught using words like “cool”. Even my design was carefully chosen after reviewing hundreds of themes. I really wanted the adorable little owl with bright Lisa Frank like colors. Does anybody even remember Lisa Frank? But I just kept envisioning the Dean’s face wrinkle into this terrifying look of shock as she encountered it in my already pathetic excuse for a portfolio, so I convinced myself that this was a theme I really wanted. It’s called Papyrus and ever since I was a little girl I wanted to be an Egyptologist and Egyptians used Papyrus, you see, so of course I loved this theme. (That was the logic I used on myself) Anyway, back to the first entry. So after about a day of really, truly wanting to write but was too paralyzed with fear to actual do it, I remembered a tip given to me by a Mr. Charles St Clair. . .

Which brings me to point number 2 about myself. I am an actor. Charles St Clair is my mentor and former professor from ASU. He once told me in a film class that even if a piece was written as a speech to thousands of spectators, or if there is a room filled with cranky crew and cameras at every glance, I need to direct my message intimately to only one person. One very special person. I figure the same principal can apply here. So who am I talking to, you wonder. Well to God, I guess. When you think about it, I just did you a huge favor. See, while you are reading this, you can honestly call yourself God for the 10 minutes it takes you to get through all my rambling. That’s a pretty darn good reason to read my blog, I think. It seems like a fair trade-off: You get the temporary yet still awe-inspiring title of God and I get to feel like one of the popular kids in high school for once!

Ok so I know what you’re dying to really know. What is this all going to be about? What is the story, right? The truth is, I don’t honestly know. I’m hoping to see how it all plays out I guess. I know I’ll probably be talking about my divorce. Yes, I’m 26 and divorced. Want to make something of it? I will be talking about the impossible dream aka being an actor in Arizona and struggles with my unusual image. There will be splashes of professional embarrassments, stolen jokes from friends, hopefully I’ll take time every now and then to google a few good quotes because I mean really it doesn’t take all that much time and effort, and some inspiring stories from a genuine daughter, divorcee, and a clueless 20 something female’s journey through the madness of life.


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