Acting and Working: Having it All Really Means Having Only a Little Bit of Everything

action 2

It is true that I am one of the biggest advocates of feminism, including a woman’s right to have a family AND work, however, as of late I have come to realization. One of the biggest classifications of my generation is our inability to make a choice. The majority of those part of my generation swing this to the positive by claiming that it is not that we are not able to make a choice, it is that with all the modern conveniences of the world along with progressive thinking, we are not obligated or confined to having to make a single choice. We are able to accept, pursue, believe multiple viewpoints, religious beliefs, moral codes, etc all at once. Our elders would swing it to the negative saying that our indecisiveness is reflective of our current political, moral and economical state of decline. A common used example is that back in the day of my father, a soldier showed absolute loyalty not only to the president but the cause of war at all costs. It was their right and duty as a soldier and citizen. Now select soldiers show complete and utter distrust or even disgust with our President and denounce their call to war but still continue to fight. Christianity along with religious alignments in general are declining, marriage is becoming non existent, full time, long term employment is decreasing, pretty much every form of committed alliance to something, someone, or an organization is drastically dwindling. So why do I bring this up? Merely to question the health of it as a whole. Am I better off because I do more? Should I listen to my old mum and drop this acting thing even though it is my passion?

I work three jobs, which may sound impressive but its really not. Collectively I work 60 hrs a week, get paid approximately the same as I would if I held down one position at 40 hrs per week probably but who’s not in that sinking boat right now, and instead of dealing with one manager or challenging work environment, I work with three separate professional areas of stress. All of this I do because I believe it allows me more flexibility to pursue acting and be activitely involved with my dad who has terminal health issues. On top of working, at any given moment I’m also managing an events schedule, planning a bridal shower or a birthday party, updating my website or other social media sites, scheduling and submitting for auditions and wishing desperately that I could turn into some form of Octopus/hot woman/superhero creature to master it all effortlessly and still have perfect hair!

So how do I still manage to act? BEING PREPARED.

– All of my jobs are flexible and given up front notice that if an audition comes in then I’m out!

– I keep a spare change of clothes in my trunk to change into just in case I’m coming from the gym or somewhere not requiring the most attractive attire or one of the kids spills something on me. In addition in my emergency kit is a hairbrush, mouthwash/floss, perfume, lotion and powder to take away shine

– Also in my car I keep at least three copies of headshots and resumes at all times.

– A mobile device with Internet access/data package is crucial! This industry is a business. The more prompt you respond to notices the better your odds are at scoring an audition, giving off a sense of professionalism and commitment and being memorable

– Have all agents, casting directors, websites, forums, etc. added to your contacts and seperated in folders in email so it is easy to to contact the right people quickly

– Create a template in your email with a headshot attached, resume and in the body your basic casting information with a general “To Whom it May Concern” heading and a “Thank you” with a signature. When you need to submit simply use the proper email/contact address, make any minor adjustments needed for the audition and send away!

– Have a second template created to thank people you work with after a shoot. This is not always appropriate to do so use your best judgement.

– Submit CONSTANTLY, Talk to people, add peeps on FB, Twitter, Forums. NETWORK! NETWORK! NETWORK! You never know who or where a job my came from!

– Get some business cards printed out with basic contact info and a pic. When you are at a seminar or out and about with no headshots you can always hand out one of those little beauties

– Make sure you have a GPS, google maps or some way to locate the audition site without bugging them multiple times

– Expect the unexpected. Plan for traffic or to get lost or to have to wait for an hour or that it may have been cancelled or moved. Just go with the flow and always stay positive and thankful.

Remember these are all just helpful tips. If anyone has any more suggestions or tips to add to the list please feel free to share!


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